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The ILCIK family winery of current owner Mr.Otto Ilčík focuses on a narrower assortment of only 6 varieties and in parellel the exclusive creation of non-industrial wines purely from its own vineyards. It creates predominantly varietal wines with significant handwriting and spirit, to a limited extent also cuvée. Dry and semi-dry predicate wines prevail in the assortment of the company, in a minor way accompanied by semi-sweater wines from over-matured grapes. Most of its production is intended for bottling.
Tramin vineyard was created by intentionally mixed planting of two different tramins. It combines the bushes of Tramin flavoury from Alsace and autochthonous Tramin red from the local clone selection.
Its vineyard with the variety Chardonnay is based on a clone providing complex, dense, persistent and longer-time holding "gastronomic" wines.
The assortment of white varieties is supplemented with "the king of white wines", i.e. Riesling Rhine, with a more distinct aromatic profile and fresh sourness also in several-year old wines.
A rarity is planting the Czech autochthonous variety Muscat Moravian, the oldest, circa one third from the total planting, comes from donated cuttings of grapevine from its cultivator, ing. Václav Křivánek, and it is right-root. Its age is around 35-40 years.
The so called red vineyard with Pinot noir (Rulandské modré) was based on the identical principle as the tramin vineyard. On one part of planting, there are bushes of the local origin with a dense and smaller type of grapes. The second part of planting, Pinot noir, is based on the German selection of grapes with free berries not touching each others.
Local improvement of red varieties is represented in the assortment of  ILCIK winery with the next Czech autochthonous variety Andre that - with purposefully reduced yields per bush up to 1-1.5 kg and low sensitivity to Botrytis cinerea - is able to mature well every year and connect good characteristics of its parents in wine (softness of the taste of Svatovavřinecké (Saint Laurent) with the almond taste of mature Frankovka (Blaufrankisch).
31.5.2011  New dry white and rose wines in offer
From the middle of May 2011 we newly introduced in our offer three dry late harvests of the vintage 2010 (Chardonnay, Tramin, Riesling Rhine). From the middle of December 2011 are additionally introduced two young wines (Muscat moravian and Rose from Pinot noir).
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